Stage 1 at Masall springs to life

With civil works for Stage 1 now underway at Masall, the realisation of a key project milestone is now closer for purchasers who will join the estate’s community, and developer Varcon Group.

Masall, located in the heart of Fraser Rise, was - for many decades - occupied as a sprawling family farm and small business, renowned for its locally produced dairy, olive harvesting, and beloved by generations of the Ahmet family as a place of stories and memories.

The name of the estate has its origins in the Arabic word “Masallah” which at its’ heart is about storytelling and protection. A meaning that’s a great connector with the theme of a place to belong and call home.

“Masall is a special project for our business and our family. As our first masterplanned community, this development draws together our love for the locality with the skills and capabilities of our business, which has been operating for over almost five decades. Our philosophy has always been based on the importance of family and strong relationships based on loyalty, trust and delivery,“ says Michael Ahmet, Director – Varcon Group.

Michael believes that bringing a complex project like Masall to life requires a combination of hard work, resilience and skill, and would never be possible without a solid business model, a united team and strategic selection of consultants. This includes appointed Stage 1 civil contractors, Winslow, who are well known for their delivery in a vast array of masterplanned projects, and highly regarded project managers, Urban Design and Management, who work closely with Michael and his team on day to day management.

Stage 1 works will include the roads and infrastructure for the first 30 residential allotments with a focus on low energy impact, environmentally sustainable works and the preparation of fibre optic network foundations for the future community.

“In 2022, Varcon Group were so proud to be awarded the Business Excellence Award for Sustainability Leadership, in addition to recognition as Business of the Year award by the City of Melton, and we continue to focus our efforts on minimising our environmental footprint across operations, supply chains and waste production,” says Michael.

Based on current project timelines, Masall’s first residents will receive titles towards the middle of 2024, and be in a position to benefit from all of the expertise, planning and activity now evident on site.

In addition to access to affordable, quality housing options and land, they will enjoy a walkable catchment that will include retail, transport linkages, walking trails, sport and recreation, and education.

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